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LibreOffice end users are the people at the heart of everything we do in the LibreOffice project. To get help with your questions or problems concerning LibreOffice, we currently have the following resources available to you. We are hard at work to improve and augment them, and we invite you to get involved as well. 

For commercial support around LibreOffice (long term support contracts, fixing issues or implementing wishes) see our list of certified partners.

For user support, we have:

  • Documentation: Check our documentation download page for user documentation to help you get started using all the functionality of LibreOffice.
  • FAQs: We are compiling a list of frequently-asked questions. Please check to see if your question is already answered. If not, feel free to mail our user support list and suggest adding it.
  • LibreOffice online help: You can browse the LibreOffice application help online - just choose between Writer Help, Calc Help, Impress Help, or other LibreOffice-related themes.
  • Mailing lists: The user support mailing list address is our main channel for LibreOffice users needing help with a problem: You need to subscribe to the list first before you can post a question. To do that, just send an empty message (no subject line, no message body) to Instructions will be mailed back to you immediately (check for new mail, and check your spam/bulk mail folder just in case). For information about our other mailing lists, please visit the global mailing list index. For detailed instructions about unsubscribing from a mailing list, please click here.
  • AskLibO: The Ask LibreOffice website provides a space where you can ask (and answer!) questions related to LibreOffice. AskLibO is a modern Q+A site and is not a Bulletin Board style web forum. Presently the website UI is English only, but we are working with the developers of Askbot to provide localization of both user interface and questions/answers.
  • Wiki: The wiki is a work in progress of the LibreOffice community. In addition to user support, it will provide information on our ideas, projects, visions, goals and products. Everyone can participate.
  • Nabble: Our user support mailing list is a major channel of support direct from the LibreOffice project. However, we know that many people are used to forums as a means of posting support questions. All LibreOffice mailing lists can be read and written to via a forum-like interface: our Nabble gateway. Nabble looks like a forum, and you can sign-up for a Nabble account and post your messages like it was a forum. But each "category" is in fact showing the posts from one of our mailing lists. Before you can post a message to the mailing lists via Nabble, you'll need to sign-up for a Nabble account first (click the "Register" link at the top of the Nabble index page) and then log-in (click the "Login" link on the Nabble index page).
  • IRC channels: Come chat with us live on IRC at The #libreoffice channel is for user support and general discussion. (If you're a coder and want to get involved in development, come chat on the #libreoffice-dev channel at
  • System requirements: Read the system requirements to see what the prerequisites are for installing LibreOffice.
  • Installation instructions: Visit the installation instructions page for detailed step-by-step instructions for installing LibreOffice on your operating system (Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux).
  • Accessibility information: Read these accessibility tips and information to learn how to get the most out of LibreOffice and become a power user.